Data analysis is mostly about putting together bits and pieces of information, about joining dots which have so far remained disjoint. In essence, it is an extension of the owner’s/manager’s intuition, only with hard data from across the company to rely on.

While SMEs have lots of data, it is usually unprocessed and unassociated with data from other sources, even within the same organization. Nevertheless, before they analyze their data, SMEs must consider the goal of such analysis.


Ground Frost develops strategies for data analysis and gathering calibrated for smaller enterprises’ purposes, and then assumes the responsibility for conducting the analyses and presenting the results to the management based on a success fee only.

  • We define the goal and sources for data analysis.

  • We retrieve data (from the company’s systems, spreadsheets, external sources such as Google Analytics or Facebook Insight)

  • We conduct data analyses, we develop the insights and we present the results.

Access to hard data about customers, about the income-to-cost relationship, efficiency of publicity measures or vendors’ efficiency is what enables a company to change completely its mode of operation: hunch is replaced by information and intuition is replaced by informed decision-making.