Data analysis primarily consists of putting together parts of information and connecting dots, which in the past have remained unconnected. It is basically an extension of the intuition of the owner / manager, based on hard data from various sources in the company.


Small and medium-sized companies have a lot of data, which is not usually in any way treated and associated with data from other sources, even within the same company. However, before proceeding with the data analysis, small and medium-sized enterprises should consider the goal that they seek to obtain.


Ground Frost builds strategies for analysis and data collection scaled to the needs of smaller companies and then takes over performance of analysis and presentation of the results to management, based only on the success fee.

  • We define the purpose of the data analysis and its sources;

  • We obtain data (business systems, spreadsheets conducted by the company, external data as Google Analytics and Facebook Insight)

  • We perform data analysis, draw conclusions to present the results;


With hard customer data, the relationship between revenues and costs, the effectiveness of promotional efforts, the effectiveness of retailers in not based on hunch or intuition but rather on data decisions, which in turn completely changes the company’s operations.