The environment in which our CUSTOMERS operate is in a state of constant flux. All our CUSTOMERS monitor it closely, and we support them particularly in their search of growth opportunities through M&A transactions.


Depending on what is requested by our CUSTOMERS, our services supporting such transactions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Market analyses, including target screening for acquisition purposes;

  • Pre-investment due diligence review of both financial and legal and tax aspects (with participation of specialized legal firms);

  • Identification and calculations with regard to potential acquisition-related synergies;

  • Development, review or modification of financial projections, business plans;

  • Target valuation and development of recommendations for the acquisition price;

  • Drafting bids for the purchase of shares;

  • Support in negotiations and drafting of acquisition contracts, including settlement arrangements between the Buyer and the Seller;

  • Tax optimization for an acquisition transaction;

  • Confirmatory due diligence assistance;

  • Support for a formal transaction closure;

  • Calculation of the fair value of assets, post-acquisition goodwill, and purchase price allocation for specific assets;

  • Development of the buyer/target post-merger integration (PMI) plan. 


We provide our services across Poland, but we also support our CUSTOMERS’ transactions conducted in other countries. For CUSTOMERS who wish to sell entities, our support may include, but is not limited to:

  • Preparation of the entity for sale, including in particular a review of its operations and financial statements in the context of the planned sale measures (“vendor due diligence”);

  • Pre-sale financial restructuring, in particular: debt restructuring, debt consolidation, pre-sale ownership changes, etc.;

  • Spin-off accounting in a demerger context;

  • Due diligence support on the Seller’s side;

  • Negotiation support on the Seller’s side;

  • Development of financial forecasts and a valuation model for the Seller.


  • Due diligence of a manufacturer of electronic gadgets;

  • Due diligence of a wind farm construction company;

  • Due diligence of a food company;

  • Due diligence of a food-processing company;

  • Due diligence of an advertising company;

  • Due diligence of an e-commerce company;

  • Due diligence of a food company in a cross-border business acquisition transaction;

  • Due diligence of a mill;

  • Vendor due diligence of a logistic company;

  • Due diligence of a brokerage;

  • Due diligence of a pharmacy chain;

  • Pre-restructuring due diligence of an industrial laundry operation;

  • Due diligence of an expert auditors’ firm;

  • Due diligence of a real estate manager;

  • Due diligence of a company in the context of its readiness for the implementation of a recovery plan;

  • Due diligence of a woodworking company;

  • Due diligence of a textile company;

  • Due diligence of a telehealth provider.