• Enterprises should be able to constantly concentrate their resources on their core income-generating activities.

  • Accounts and payroll should be outsourced to specialized providers.

  • We free up our customers’ resources which they need for their creative work in order to increase the value of their business.

  • At the same time, we offer top-quality settlements and additional services to facilitate control over the business.

Ground Frost leverages its experience in the field of accounting to offer high-quality accounting services to its customers. Our services are provided on a full partnership basis: while outsourcing means that some of your activities in fact move outside, our team becomes a part of yours. We make sure that all deadlines are complied with, all documents are in place, and communications are uninterrupted. At the same time, all our assets are working for you, in order to make sure that your transactions are properly categorized and recognized in your records.

Our objectives:

  • We take over from our customers all bureaucracy related to their accounts – their interaction with the tax, social insurance authorities and statistical authorities;

  • We are at our customers’ disposal for professional accounting consultancy services;


  • We speed up the circulation of documents with use of scanning technology (we provide our customer with a scanner which sends all documents directly to us) and fast recording processes;

  • We develop procedures for accounting, circulation of documents, cash circulation, etc.;

Statutory accounting

  • We are flexible about charts of accounts – we either use our customers’ charts of accounts or map local charts of accounts to group accounts;

  • We fill out CIT, VAT and social insurance forms and take over all works in connection with statutory reporting;

  • We conduct the month-end close process in communication with the customer in order to determine the proper amounts of provisions, accruals, etc.;

  • We develop and monitor the accuracy and validity of the accounting policy;

  • We develop annual financial statements, consolidation packages, management reports;

Management accounting

  • We offer transactions recording by the cost center and transaction reports according to pre-defined criteria;

  • We provide support in the area of management accounting;

  • We provide cost vs. budget monitoring;

  • We provide budgeting and planning assistance;


Other aspects and services

  • We handle the preparation and processing of wire transfers;

  • We manage liquidity at the customer’s request;

  • Customers are provided with remote access to their accounts;

  • Customers’ accounts are supervised by personnel with considerable experience, tax advisors, expert auditors, ACCA members;

  • We handle payroll accounts and keep HR files..